5 Benefits of Microneedling for Your Skin

It’s difficult to look in the mirror and see a face looking back at you that shows visible signs of aging like wrinkles, eye bags, dullness, fine lines, discoloration, and age spots. While you can’t stop the aging process, there are ways you can minimize the toll it takes on your skin. 

At the dermatology practice of Dr. Allen Sapadin in Hackensack, New Jersey, you have access to a range of innovative anti-aging treatments, including noninvasive microneedling.

Microneedling is a nonsurgical skin procedure that Dr. Sapadin uses to carefully pierce the top layer of your skin with multiple ultrathin needles. Your body interprets the tiny needle punctures as injuries and rushes growth factors, collagen, and elastin to the scene to make repairs and regrow skin and tissue. That’s why the procedure is often called collagen induction therapy. 

This popular treatment makes your skin plumper and thicker and has a number of other remarkable benefits, including:

Reduces scars

Whether you have scars from accidents or acne, microneedling helps reduce them by breaking down scar tissue and provoking collagen to backfill the pock marks. With a series of microneedling sessions, you can restore hydration and elasticity to the scar tissue and minimize its overall appearance. Raised acne scars respond better to microneedling than those that are indented or depressed.

Minimizes wrinkles

Collagen and elastin production naturally dwindle as you get older. That’s why microneedling is an effective way to fight back. It triggers your body’s innate healing mechanisms, which causes it to generate more skin-fortifying collagen and elastin. The procedure firms, tones, and tightens, leaving your skin smooth and supple.

Rejuvenates skin

With new collagen and elastin, your skin gets its bounce and vitality back. The new layers haven’t been exposed to the sun, wind, or time, so your skin looks smooth, hydrated, and healthy.

Eradicates sun damage

Microneedling does a tremendous job of lightening and reversing hyperpigmentation and sun damage. This is again due to the power of collagen production and its ability to repair and restore your skin. There’s some research that suggests that microneedling is the most effective therapy for sun spots. 

Reduces discoloration

If you have a melanin imbalance that’s causing discoloration and pigment irregularities, Dr. Sapadin may suggest microneedling to generate a fresh layer of skin. The new layer would be more uniform in color and texture, displacing the dark spots and marks.

For soft, smooth skin and a luminous glow, consider microneedling. Call us at the office of Dr. Allen Sapadin or use the online scheduling feature.

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