How Does Phototherapy Work?

Phototherapy is a prescribed medical treatment that consists of exposure to different kinds of light. Phototherapy is predominantly used to treat various dermatological conditions, or skin problems, ranging from mild to very severe. 

Here at the office of Dr. Allen Sapadin in Hackensack, New Jersey, we use a specific kind of phototherapy called a targeted excimer laser. This advanced laser technology is both strong enough to treat skin conditions effectively but also gentle enough for your skin. 

The excimer laser uses a hand-held device that delivers strong light beams to treat specific areas of your skin. So what conditions can phototherapy help treat?

Conditions that phototherapy treats

The different types of skin conditions that phototherapy treats include:

The number of sessions you’ll require depends on your particular skin condition. For optimal effectiveness, phototherapy requires consistent treatments over a set period of time, so it’s important to keep your appointments. 

While mostly used for skin conditions like those listed above, phototherapy is also useful for treating circadian rhythm sleep disorders, depression (particularly seasonal affective disorder), and certain conditions in newborns like jaundice.  

The effectiveness of phototherapy 

The excimer laser that Dr. Sapadin uses in phototherapy treatments has been approved by the FDA since 2000. It’s effectiveness in treating psoriasis has also been documented. 

A study conducted at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine observed “substantial improvements” in patients with plaque psoriasis who were treated with the excimer laser. Patients generally found the treatments to be mostly painless, quick, and having little to no side effects. 

Conditions that can conflict with phototherapy

Before you consider phototherapy, you’ll want to talk to Dr. Sapadin about some conditions that may exclude you from treatment, including:

Be sure to discuss your medical and family history with Dr. Sapadin if you are considering phototherapy as a treatment option.

Treat your skin conditions with phototherapy today

At the office of Dr. Sapadin, we understand just how frustrating it is to live with a chronic skin condition. That’s why we offer innovative and effective treatments like targeted phototherapy

You don’t have to suffer through chronic skin conditions like plaque psoriasis and eczema forever -- healthier skin is wholly achievable. Call us or book an appointment on our website today to get started on your journey to better skin. 

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